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Welcome to Freesco Gusto, a laboratory specialising in the production of handmade, fresh, light and healthy pizza doughs.
We serve any pizzeria and restaurant wanting to make better use of their time and resources in terms of equipment and staff without compromising on Quality, Excellence and Tradition. Meet Freesco Gusto: your trusted partner able to offer you tailored pizza doughs, risen for 48 hours and highly digestible, prepared with the best flours on the market at competitive prices, ready to be baked and served to your customers.

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Regardless of the size of your business, with Freesco Gusto you’ll always be in safe hands. You’ll know this as you observe us at work in our Laboratory, where we prepare perfect and fresh doughs by carefully selecting the ingredients and the raw materials.
Our mission is to bring the fine art of the dough and the culture of high quality in every pizzeria by offering not only excellent products, but also consultancy services of the highest level, designed to enhance and support any kind of business.


Our doughs: a balance between
quality and flavour.

Italian pizza is famous worldwide and Freesco Gusto’s mission is to preserve its uniqueness and authenticity. Our secret is embedded in the craft production of each dough ball, the careful selection of the best flours, the slow rising process (48 hours) and the ingredients, all of which are totally natural and of designed origin. The result is perfect, fresh doughs of the highest quality, digestibility and wholesomeness.
100% made in Italy.

Welcome to our
laboratory of taste.
Please, make yourself comfortable.

Freesco Gusto is not just an ordinary laboratory where people spend their days kneading. It is much more than that.
Our laboratory is open to tradition, as well as to innovation, and customers are welcome to visit and share our passion, enjoy a peaceful break and get to know more about the pizza world and the techniques used in dough production.
Dreaming of managing your own business in total relaxation?
Contact us for a customised consultancy: we’ll not only provide you with the dough, but also with personnel training and will help you launch and promote your business.

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Select and order your dough.
Freesco Gusto will deliver it fresh and on time.

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Freesco Gusto is looking for professionals willing to make their skills and talents available to the food industry, by sharing our passion for fresh dough and our commitment to innovate Italian tradition.

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